About Us

BarAngle is a Pennsylvania based company that manufactures illumination tools that greatly enhance the visual inspection method.  Our products are one of the most rapid testing methods available for inspecting hard surfaces and providing real-time feedback regarding levels of cleanliness.  As a result, a person’s ability to see and remove contaminants from hard floor surfaces as well as high touch areas, greatly improves.

Contaminants left untouched on hard surfaces can be harmful in the following three ways:

  1. Unclean surfaces are a common cause of slips and falls
  2. Unclean surfaces can harbor harmful bacteria such as C-Diff (spore forming bacteria) and MRSA
  3. Harmful contaminants on floor or other surfaces can become airborne again

While there are many organizations that would greatly benefit by utilizing our tools, we feel the maximum fiscal and life-saving impact may be within the healthcare industry. In the hospital, this product; will help reduce risk of cross contamination due to poor cleaning; implement seamlessly into your business with a nominal training commitment; allow you to proactively monitor and raise your hygiene performance; help safeguard your reputation. This tool will reveal to the patients, family visitors and hospital staff that additional initiatives are taking place to protect and save lives. The CDC estimates that nearly 100,000 people every year die from an HAI. And we all know that floors are the superhighway for germs.