The Solution

Our patented and patent pending designs and methods are very effective at identifying particulate matter on hard floor surfaces. We manufacture one of the only products that can administer a rapid test with real-time feedback regarding levels of cleanliness.  Our tools securely attach a bright light to a floor cleaning tool such as a flat dust mop, wet mop, broom, vacuum, dust pan, squeegee, or the outside of a one's shoe. When you shine a bright, focused beam at a level angle across the surface of the floor, you will be absolutely amazed at what you're able to see. At such an acute angle, particulate matter such as dirt, dust, water, grease, blood, bone chips, biofilm, sponge pieces, tiny instruments, left over adhesive, will be easily seen and therefore removed. Our designs also benefit from recent advances in LED technology. In recent years, LED lighting has become brighter, lighter, more efficient and durable.

Our advantage? Our products provide the user with:

  1. Consistent light intensity room-to-room
  2. Consistent  light intensity within a room
  3. Consistent acute beam angles

Coupled with our on/off remote control, these features make our tools unique in their own class.

In the hospital environment, there is a strong desire to support patient safety and infection control initiatives. Similarly important is employee safety. It should not take long to realize that the risk isn’t implementing this new tool into your daily routine, the risk is not implementing this tool into your daily routine and losing the potential for financial, infection control and environmental advantages.

Give your environmental services professionals and inspectors the tools required to perform their jobs better. Equip them with a Barangle product. BarAngle: Raising the Cleaning Bar by Lowering the Light Angle.